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Finally a beautiful sunshiney day in Florida at the Sunshine State CDE.
FEI Team: 1. Chester Weber, 2. James Fairclough, 3. David Saunders
FEI Pair Horse: 1. Misdee Wrigley-Miller
FEI Single Horse: 1. Scott Monroe, 2. Donna Crookston, 3. Bob Koopman
FEI Pony Team: 1. Allison Stroud
FEI Pair Pony: 1. Jennifer Matheson, 2. Elizabeth Keathley, 3. Katie Whaley
FEI Single Pony: 1. Phyllis Grupe, 2. Charlotte Trentleman, 3. Dirk Vanbeckhoven
Intermediate Pony Team: 1. Heather Schneider
Intermediate Pair Horse: 1. Rae Fischer, 2. Lisa Singer
Intermediate Single Horse: 1. JanJan Hamilton, 2. Nifty Hamilton, 3. Boo Fitch West
Intermediate Pair Pony: 1. Meghan Benge, 2. Bill Lower, 3. Mary Clark Lind
Intermediate Single Pony: 1. Tracey Morgan, 2. Amy Cross, 3. Janelle Marshall
Preliminary Pair Horse: 1. Alan Aulson
Preliminary Single Horse: 1. Bob Giles, 2. Helen Naylor, 3. Pamela Gordon
Preliminary Single Pony: 1. Laura Sandiego, 2. Jessica Brister, 3. Muffy Seaton
Preliminary Pair Pony: 1. Wendy O’Brien, 2. Ray Mansur

Pictures of all competitors are available here.

Chester Weber's team competes in dressage.

Chester Weber's Team in the dressage phase of competition at Sunshine State

Jennifer Matheson

Jennifer Matheson finally sees sun at Sunshine State CDE after three chillingly cold days of competition.

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An exciting weekend in Florida at the Florida Carriage Museum and Resort with the annual Florida Carriage and Horse Festival. Spectators were treated to a variety of driving and classes as well as horse exhibitions. More photos from the event are available here.

Exhibitor at Horse Festival

Exhibitor at FL Horse Festival

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A Day with the Rock Crawlers

During the off-season in Virginia when there is only snow on the ground and not many horse events going on, it’s fun to take pictures at some other events. This weekend brought some fun watching off-road vehicles race through the snow and venture over some rocks.

Here is a link to the slideshow of pictures from that event.

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FEI Team competition results at Little Everglades. Top three placing of the 12 four-in-hand entries:
1. Michael Freund driving a mix of Tucker Johnson and Chester Weber’s entries
2. Jimmy Fairclough with his Team Clark horses
3. Gavin Robson of Team Buckeye Four

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